Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jonathan's 5th Birthday

Today we celebrated Jonathan's fifth birthday with a party at our house. Given the choice between safari animals and ocean animals, he chose an ocean animals theme. So there was a lot of blue everywhere. I told Brian I needed him to paint the kitchen blue this week to fit into the theme, but he wasn't amused.

I stole several ideas from one our friends and her decorations for her daughter's first birthday a few months ago. First I made a "Happy Birthday" banner with letters cut by Mrs. Cricut, as Jonathan calls it. And, as you can see, Shamu was a special guest at the party.
Then, since decorating cakes the traditional way is not really my thing, I made cake toppers of ocean animals - sharks, whales, narwhals, seals & turtles - and "5" signs cut out of paper and glued to toothpicks.
We rounded out the ocean theme with goldfish snacks and a watermelon whale.
The watermelon was definitely a team effort. Jonathan loved it and I think it was a big hit overall. I really enjoyed putting everything together for his party - it gave me an excuse to exercise my craft muscles!

The kiddos finished out the party with some time out in the sprinklers in the back yard. It's hard to know who enjoyed the sprinklers more, the kids or the grass!
Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate! I know Jonathan had a good time, and we enjoyed hanging out with all of you!