Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacuum Cleaning

When was the last time you looked under your vacuum cleaner?

1 year?
2 years?

Go ahead, take a look. Pretty disgusting, huh?

Now imagine what it would look like if it had been 8 years. That's what I found today. I was trying to vacuum a rug, and was having no success. I changed the (very full) bag, thinking that would fix the problem. I still wasn't getting good sucking power, so something prompted me to flip that puppy over and check out the beater bar.

Ewww. 8 years worth of dirt, dust, hair and other unmentionables. Twenty minutes later, after attacking the vacuum with a screwdriver, utility knife and needle-nose pliers, the vacuum worked again! Hurrah!

So today's house building tip...clean your vacuum!

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  1. Hey we must be sharing a brain. I just had to do that today.