Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent Ornaments, part 2

Ok, time for a second installment of Jesse Tree ornaments.

Day 5: The ram represents God's provision of a ram after He called Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. It reminds us that Jesus was sacrificed in our place.

Day 6: The ladder, from Jacob's dream about the ladder. This reminds us that Jesus is always with us.

Day 7: Joseph's coat. We modified the scripted devotion slightly; we focused on the parallel between Joseph being thrown into the pit, and then brought out again, as Jesus died as was raised again.

Day 8: The 10 Commandments represent the Law, both the fact that we cannot follow it perfectly, and the fact that Jesus did.

Day 9: The grapes represent Israel's promised land, and remind us that God is making a home for us.

Day 10: The sheaf of wheat represents the story of Ruth and the fact that Jesus is our redeemer.

Day 11: With the slingshot, we talked about David and Goliath, of course, and the fact that God is our strength.

Day 12: The scroll reminds us of Josiah and his faithfulness and that God's word is to be central in our lives.

Day 13: It may be hard to see the small green shoot coming out of the stump, but the shoot from the stump of Jesse describes Christ. The line of Jesse was thought to have died out, but Jesus is the new life from the old.

Whew, that was a lot to post all at once. Tonight I made or finished three more, so we're good through Friday. The only hard part about this project has been staying a couple days ahead of our devotions. I have only 7 left to make, and then we'll have them for years to come. For those of you who are thinking about doing this yourself, I hope my pictures can give you some good ideas for your own ornaments. I'd love to see how others have interpreted and created the ornaments.

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  1. This is a great idea. I bet Gideon would love to make these with me next year. Mental note to self...