Friday, December 10, 2010

More Table-Scaping

Ok, another table-related post. My sister and her new husband have set up house with the old table that we grew up with. It's a good, sturdy table, but certainly not the most attractive member of the table species. So my wedding present to them was a table cloth to cover it up. :) It was hard to tell who was more grateful...Carrie or Field.

Black may seem like an odd choice for a table cloth. Their every day dishes are red, with black backs. I didn't want to use a fabric that was going to clash with the red in the dishes, so I decided on a neutral. The border is a black and white floral print to provide some relief from the solid black.

After I finished the table cloth, I had some extra fabric left over, so I decided to make matching napkins rings. I have some jewelry wire left over from a previous project, so I cut some to the right length, and sewed small strips of fabric around the wire. If they had been a bit longer, they would have been more successful, but I think they're still fun.

Before Carrie's wedding, we realized that she had registered for the same fine china that Brian and I have. So I set the table with the china so she could get an idea of what the table would look like. Of course, I never actually sent her the photos, so I don't know that I helped her out much. So, Carrie, these photos are for you. We'll just pretend that you still need them, instead of being able to set your own table.

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  1. It looks great Janelle! Black is a great idea for tablecloth, in my opinion. It is elegant, and it obscures stains better.